Extrusion machines manufacturing supply

MILESTONE CHEMICALS has a expertise in supply of CUSTOM MADE granules production machine with parts made from Stainless steel and Cast Iron Steel. We have a venture with medium to small machine producers those have dedicated team for manufacturing , installation ,commissioning ,erection till product manufacturing. Varieties of low to high quality PP and PE granules can be easily produced with these machines with high input.

Branded motors, high quality mixing head, ceramic heaters, automatic PLC controller will be installed for easy operations.


Water supply pipe production line including PPR Pipe machine, Glassfiber PPR Pipe machine, HDPE Pipe Machine, PE-Xb pipe machine, Plumbing pipe production line, PP-R Pipe production line, Overlapped Aluminum-Plastics Pipe Production Line, PB Pipe Making Machine, Oxygen Barrier EVOH Pipe Making Machine, etc, which are used for producing the water supply pipe from diameter 12mm to 630mm, and so on, the produced pipes are mainly applied in the fields of building construction, hot/cold water transportation, drinking water supply chains, etc.


Irrigation pipe production line series including flat drip irrigation tape machine, round drip irrigation pipe production line, GR irrigation pipe production line, PE irrigation pipe production line etc, the machine is used to producing irrigation pipe diameter from 8mm to 22mm, the produced pipes are mainly applied in the fields of farm land irrigation, greenhouse, fruit tree irrigation, etc. The line speed for flat drip irrigation tape production line can reach to 300m/min, the line speed for round drip irrigation pipe machine can reach to 100m/min, for PE pipe production, the line speed can reach up to 60m/min. 

We are proving turnkey solutions of all these types of machines and can be delivered in any part of the WORLD.

High Quality Gears & Conveyors

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Successfully installed - 5 machines in INDIA and exploring export market.

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